Super Delicious Smoothie Recipes

Be healthy, drink fruit & veg smoothies every day!

Ever thought of having a fresh fruit smoothie first thing in the morning?

Having just 1 smoothie per day, that contains fresh whole fruite pieces blended with some almond milk and a little bit of local honey can do wonders in your life

Not only is a fresh fruit or vegetable smoothie in the morning a healthy thing to do, its also super delicious, the sweet mango sensation as the first thing you put in your mouth in the morning will make get your ready to take on that heavy day of work ahead.

If you think that smoothies won't fill you up and that you will get hungry within the first hour, you thought wrong. - It actually keeps you going for hours!

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Do you like sports?

Stop drinking all those energy drinks, and try a smoothie in the morning instead and only water afterwards will give much more of a boost of energy, I hear you though, what about proteins? - Did you know that all vegetables have protein? - If that is not enough, there are always almonds that you can soak the night before and add to your smoothie for that extra kick of protein, but not only are you giving your body the supplements it needs, you are giving it healthy nuturition instead of those off the shelf drinks


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